Edwardian Britain...The Oakwell Hall Story!

Autumn brings Foxes & Deer

Oakwell Hall is a beautiful country home and woodland in West Yorkshire, full of fox, deer and wildlife just like the fabulous print in this story. Accompanied by all the harvest pickings this wonderful print in greens, mustards and orange is a true celebration of Autumn. The sweet collars and trims make it an elegant style but very easy to wear.

Edwardian Britain....The Silverstone Story

Autumn brings...... Vintage Racing

Racing epitomised the exciting lives of the high class society and for this story, vintage racing cars are featured in our exciting unique print. Coupled with the colours of the race, British racing green, navy, tan and white, the thrill of the race is celebrated with a navy check tweed for the racing gentleman, and a navy checked shirt mimicking the finishing flag.

Edwardian Britain....The Holland Park Story

Winter brings...secret gardens!

The beautiful gardens of Holland Park play host to this striking collection. Formerly known as Cope Castle, the house and grounds had begun renovation at the turn of the century, giving life to the inspiration our designers took for this story. The dahlias and peacocks offer a burst of colour to this story along and are the basis to the two unique prints. The stunning parkland is represented by the soft velvet and cord, with the elegance of the area imagined through the strong silhouettes and couture designs.

Edwardian Britain.....the Edinburgh Story!

Winter brings....stylish hounds!

Edwardian Britain....the Primrose Hill Story!

Winter brings.....Flora

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